Eric Omondi’s Controversial Lecture to Khaligraph & Nadia Mukami Ignites Debate

by Francis Ogoti
3 minutes read

Famed comedian Eric Omondi vented his frustrations about the state of the Kenyan music industry, taking aim at artists for their lackluster music production.

In his critique, Omondi specifically highlighted issues with mixing, mastering, and video shoots, arguing that Tanzanian and Nigerian artists have surpassed their Kenyan counterparts in delivering superior content.

Omondi specifically called out Kenyan artists such as Khaligraph Jones, KRG the Don, and Willy Paul, accusing them of producing substandard videos that fail to meet the competitive standards of the market.

Expressing his disappointment, Omondi, who is known for his activist pursuits, criticized the laziness displayed by local artists, which he believed was tarnishing the overall reputation of the Kenyan entertainment industry.

While emphasizing that he himself is not a musician, Omondi intended to make a statement. He announced his intention to invest a significant amount of money, specifically 3.8 million Kenyan shillings, into a music video that would serve as an example of top-notch production quality. His goal was to demonstrate how a video with such financial backing should look.

Highlighting the influence of global sensations like Wizkid, Davido, and Chris Brown, Omondi sought to draw a parallel between their high-quality music videos and his upcoming project. In an effort to showcase what he believed to be the standard for a well-executed music video, Omondi emphasized the inclusion of socialite Amber Ray in the production. He concluded by announcing that the video would be released on Friday, generating anticipation among his fans and followers.

Following Omondi’s controversial comments, some of the artists mentioned in his video were not pleased with his remarks.

Rapper Khaligraph Jones responded to the video in the comments section, advising Omondi to focus on one cause if he wanted to be taken seriously. While acknowledging Omondi’s previous efforts in championing important agendas, Khaligraph questioned his motive for seeking attention and changing his stance. He cautioned Omondi against compromising his credibility by involving himself in trivial matters and suggested that such behavior could lead to increased taxation for content creators.

Singer Nadia Mukami also expressed her disappointment in Omondi’s inconsistency. Initially supporting his clear vision and statements, she felt let down by his shifting position. Mukami emphasized the importance of artists remaining steadfast and united, highlighting the detrimental impact of clout chasing on the industry’s growth and credibility. She urged Omondi to choose a side and criticized his wavering stance, stating that it hindered the progress of the industry.

Amidst this clash between Omondi and the criticized artists, tensions within the Kenyan music industry have come to the surface. The ongoing debate raises questions about whether Omondi’s extravagant music video, set to be released on Friday, will effectively address the issues he raised or further divide the industry.

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