Senate Committee: Please Provide Information Regarding Shakahola

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

The Senate Adhoc committee in Kenya has been actively investigating the incidents in Shakahola, specifically focusing on the proliferation of religious organizations and the occurrences in the area. The committee, consisting of 11 senators, has been conducting fact-finding missions and gathering information to understand the circumstances surrounding the deaths and harmful religious practices in the country.

To accomplish their objectives, the committee has visited Shakahola to uncover facts and gain insights into the incidents. During their visits, they have engaged with various groups, including the county security committee, families of victims, religious leaders, and human rights groups, in order to gather information and perspectives. Their aim is to establish the events that took place, investigate the proliferation of religious organizations, and ultimately make recommendations based on their findings.

Additionally, Senate Speaker Amerson Kingi has called for the deployment of helicopters to the Shakahola area to enhance the rescue mission and ensure the immediate rescue of survivors. The committee has also urged the government to deploy more search and rescue personnel to expedite the ongoing operation in the Shakahola forest, where multiple bodies have been discovered.

It is important to note that the Senate formed an 11-member ad hoc committee specifically to investigate the Shakahola cult deaths in Kilifi County. The committee aims to probe the circumstances under which over 100 people have died, examine the wider spectrum of mushrooming self-proclaimed pastors and groups, and conduct an audit of the legal and registration framework for religious organizations in the country.

In summary, the Senate Adhoc committee is actively investigating the incidents in Shakahola, Kenya, where a significant number of deaths have occurred. The committee is engaging with various stakeholders, conducting site visits, and seeking to understand the circumstances and the proliferation of religious organizations in the country. Their ultimate goal is to make recommendations based on their findings.

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