Pastor Ng’ang’a’s blasts people on Education Fundraising

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

In recent days, Pastor Ng’ang’a, a figure who has both captivated and stirred Kenyan hearts, found himself amidst controversy following his stance on funding education through church fundraisers. Despite having earned admiration for his benevolent acts in helping struggling congregants start businesses, his recent proclamation has left many unsettled.

Pastor Ng’ang’a In a recent church service, unequivocally declared that he would not partake in any fundraising efforts for the education of his congregants’ children. The charismatic founder of Neno Evangelism Centre firmly asserted that the responsibility to fund their children’s education lies squarely with the parents and not the church.

Pastor Ng’ang’a’s message was crystal clear – he would not be drawn into supporting requests for financial aid towards school fees. He emphasized that parents should have foreseen this responsibility from the inception of their children’s education journey and should now bear the financial burden accordingly.

While these statements have ignited a wave of mixed reactions, it prompts a deeper reflection on the role of a spiritual leader in the community. The question arises: Is Pastor Ng’ang’a, known for his controversial remarks, truly a man of God? The dichotomy of opinions on social media suggests a divided audience, with some commending his honesty and others expressing displeasure.

Ng’ang’a’s candid remarks highlight a reality check for both congregants and society at large. The debate transcends mere financial matters; it delves into the intricacies of individual responsibility and societal expectations. While some applaud the pastor’s no-nonsense approach, others criticize him for not embodying the expected generosity associated with spiritual leaders.

As expected, Ng’ang’a’s statements sparked a plethora of reactions online. Netizens took to various platforms to express their views. Notable among these were comments that ranged from humor to outright disagreement. It seems that the pastor’s unique charisma, sometimes described as having a touch of comedy, is not lost on those engaging in the online discourse.

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