Otile Brown Responds to Critics and Emphasizes Artistic Integrity

by Francis Ogoti
1 minutes read

Otile Brown, a Kenyan bongo star and musician, has recently responded to critics who claim that he is underperforming in his music career. In a series of Instagram posts, Otile Brown addressed these claims and expressed his thoughts on the matter.

Otile Brown made it clear that he does not need numbers or trending songs to validate his talent and hard work. He emphasized that if people only listen to him for the numbers, they are not the fan base he is focused on.

 He stated that he still has fans who appreciate his craft and support him. Otile Brown also mentioned that some individuals criticizing his music might have damaged ears or fail to recognize his lyrical genius and the artistic quality of his songs.

 He expressed his frustration with those who overlook his talent and claimed that he is motivated by the fans who continue to listen and appreciate his music.

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