Ugandan maid dies in Saudi Arabia 3 weeks to return home

Ugandan maid dies in Saudi Arabia 3 weeks to return home

Kyomuhendo Monica an OG of Makindye SS has been working in Saudi Arabia as a maid.

Kyomuhendo Monica went to Saudi Arabia to work as a maid and was received by Smasco company.

According to reports received by this publication, a few months back, she was placed to work for some boss in Riyadh where she couldn’t be allowed to put on protective gears when using strong chemicals like chlorex when cleaning which affected her so much to the extent of being unable to work any more.

Following the incident she was taken back to Alhasa accommodation where she was being only given basic treatment and was not taken to a real hospital for a deserved medical care.

According to information we have obtaibed, Kyomuhendo Monica who was remaining with only 3 weeks to end her contract is no more.

Reports indicate that Kyomuhendo died four days ago however Smasco company has been trying to deter her death news from circulating.

Kyomuhendo as any other Ugandan had traveled to Saudi Arabia to try to make ends meet and elevate her family from ramshackle of poverty.

Without her knowing how her fate will be, she ventured to becoming a maid. Just as many African migrant workers have lost their lives, it has been the same with her situation.

The government of Uganda has been trying to come up with laws which can help curb such incidents, however it has not helped much as Ugandans continues to be tortured and killed.


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