Ugandan lady In Kenya sentence for killing her baby

Ugandan lady In Kenya sentence for killing her baby

The 18-year-old Ugandan national, who admitted to the murder of her six-month-old baby boy in an Eldoret court, has been found guilty.

The convict confessed to brutally ending the child’s life in an effort to free herself from the responsibility of looking after him.

During the court proceedings, the teen mother, identified as B M, shocked everyone present by showing no remorse as she explained her reasons for committing the crime.

She caused a stir in the courtroom when she defended her actions by stating that she felt compelled to take her son’s life due to extreme stress, frustration, and pain. She clarified that she wanted to ease the burden of caring for the baby alone after the man responsible for the child allegedly neglected his duties.

B M described in detail how she strangled her son, wrapped his body in a gunny bag, and disposed of it in a shallow well during daylight hours.

“I did indeed kill my six-month-old son, wrapped his body in a gunny bag, and threw it in a well because I couldn’t take care of him alone,” she admitted to the court.

After the crime, she revealed that she went into hiding for three days to avoid being arrested by the police, who were informed of the incident by locals.

She later turned herself in at the police station, confessing to the disappearance and killing of her son. She was arrested and brought before the court to face murder charges.

The accused, represented by Lawyer Robert Makori, pleaded with the court to consider a non-custodial sentence if found guilty of the murder charge, citing the need for medical treatment to address the trauma she suffered after the tragic event.

Despite her plea, the judge dismissed it and decided to sentence her to six years in prison, with no chance of paying a fine, after she confessed to the charges.


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