Kamuli Residents arrest 3 Umeme Workers over 4 months power blackout

Kamuli Residents arrest 3 Umeme Workers over 4 months power blackout

Angry Residents of Kabanyolo village, Namasagali, Sub-County, Kamuli district have arrested 3 Umeme Workers to explain their area has not had power for over 3 months.

Umeme Workers had gone to the village to install a meter in one of the villagers’houses. This angered the residents who were expecting that maybe they had visited to rectify the issue.

According to the residents, they have been off grid for over 4 months with no solutions.

According to residents, for over 4 months they have not been having power, they have registered a lot of losses.

One of the residents who owns a grinding mill revealed that, he acquired the machine through a bank loan, however since it has not been working for over 4 months, he’s unable to pay the loan and the bank wants to take his house.

According to the residents, they took the power transformer but till date, no one is giving any explanation.

In order to subotage their escape, the residents decided to arrest the motorcycles.

According to Michael Kasadha, the Bosoga North police spokesperson, the residents had arrested the workers in suspicion of being fraudsters.

“The villagers arrested the workers thinking they were fraudsters, however the Umeme top officials have come and verified that they were their workers,” he said.

The residents are now asking the Umeme officials to come restore power in their area.


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