Bobi Wine blocked from Seeing political prisoners

Bobi Wine blocked from Seeing political prisoners

The president of the National Unity platform, (NUP) has been blocked from visiting political prisoners in kitalya prison.

He made the revelation on his social media platforms on Friday.
According to Bobi Wine, the prison officials blocked them from seeing supporters who have been in detention at Kitalya Prison for over three years.

Bobi Wine revealed that the officers on duty told them that they were following instructions from above.

Further , he noted that, they were told that only Johnson Byabashaija, the Prisons boss can permit them to see all of them.

Bobi Wine noted that, the officer who was on duty told them to get clearance from Byabashaija just like he permits government officials to see them.

” We asked them under what law they’re implementing these illegal orders and there was none. The answer was simply, ‘Orders from above’. I even asked him why all other visitors were being allowed in to see their people and we were blocked. The officer simply said this order applied to NUP- without shame.,” Bobi Wine said.

“So regime officials are able to access all our people and try to convince them to implicate us and themselves into crimes they did not commit, and yet they are so shameless to block us from seeing them! The world can see how no institution in Uganda has been spared, and this is what our fight is about. We must free our nation and its institutions from capture,” he added.

Several NUP supporters have been in detention since 2020 following the general election of 2021.

Some of the supporters are still missing and their whereabouts still remain unknown.


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