Mixed responses after police capture affirmed ‘Mathe wa Ngara

by Francis Ogoti
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Authorities in Parklands on Tuesday, Admirable 15, 2023, secured four people suspected of trafficking cannabis as portion of a collaborative exertion including different law requirement organizations.

The operation took put in Kariowa ghettos, Ngara, and was initiated by different anti-crime units, counting the Anti-Narcotics Unit and the Trans National Sorted out Wrongdoing Unit, in conjunction with the Parklands Anti-Terror Police Unit.

Amid the strike, law requirement authorities overseen to seize over Sh.12 million in cash and reallocated 26 sacks of cannabis, 4 cartons of rolling materials, 173 bundled desserts, and a carton containing suspected cannabis-infused treats.

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The Directorate of Criminal Examination (DCI) shared data approximately the capture on the X app, expressing that a intensive look had driven to the disclosure of two gunny packs where a significant sum of cash had been concealed.

The confined suspects were recognized as Teresa Wanjiru, Eugene Jumba, Hillary Enormous, and Sheila Wilts and are planned to seem in court nowadays.

Teresa Wanjiru is 54 a long time ancient, whereas her assistants are adolescents matured between 16 and 17 a long time ancient.

On the X app, clients, especially Kenyans on Twitter, locked in in discussions about whether Wanjiru can be the scandalous ‘Mathe wa Ngara’ who is known for offering ‘weed’ around Ngara.

So well known was the news of her assumed capture that a few indeed called for her quick discharge beneath the hashtag ‘Free Mathee’.

A few went as distant as comparing her to the most hero in Ruler of the South, an American wrongdoing show TV arrangement.

“Untouchable “Mathe Wa Ngara” at long last got seized by DCI with Ksh. 12M cash and dispatch of drugs,” Dan Chepta posted on X.

“Someone has told me typically not Mathe wa Ngara nom de plume Ruler of the South. I’m told the genuine one is still in Ngara,” perused portion of Pauline Njoroge’s post on x.

“You can capture Mathe but you cannot capture Kwa Mathe,” composed another netizen and the DCI quickly reacted, “Sawa tupatane kwa Mathe mapema.”

Insights reports, be that as it may, show the ‘real mathee’ is right now on the run. She is well-connected and was as of late captured but was discharged after a pre-bargain.

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