kwambox:my tattos have no meaning

by Francis Ogoti
1 minutes read

Kiss FM presenter Kwambox told her co-host Chito on The Morning Kiss that she has tattoos that have no meaning at all. This can be after Chito clarified the profound meaning of what he has inked on himself.

“One of them is my sibling’s name and the other one may be a devotion to my late mum. And after that I have another one with Galatian’s 5:22 which talks approximately the natural products of the soul,” said Chito

Kwambox included that she as it were must make up clarifications almost her tattoos as they have no meaning.

“Truly my tattoos have no meaning at all, as in, I have a cherish heart on my ring finger, and stars on my hand since I’m a star, I fair made that up,” she chuckled.

“I have another one for my energy and devotion to music. I had to form stories,” she said.

Kwambox included that she fair inked herself without overthinking almost it.

“I’m like 99 percent of individuals. It appears that there’s still a thought around tattoos that’s possibly cliché and the number of individuals doing it is developing. Would that be something that would halt you from presenting somebody to your guardians,” she inquired the audience members.

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