Biden slips and falls on the platform during the Air Force graduation; the White House reports that he is ‘fine’

by Francis Ogoti
2 minutes read

President Joe Biden stumbled and fell after presenting the final diploma during a graduation ceremony at the U.S. Air Force Academy on Thursday. However, he quickly regained his footing and walked back to his seat.

The 80-year-old U.S. president lost his balance and fell forward, managing to catch himself with his hands before rising with the assistance of three individuals. He then proceeded to return to his seat without any further help.

After being helped up, Biden gestured towards the source of his stumble, suggesting what caused him to trip. Following the incident, he interacted with other officials, maintaining a smile and even giving a “thumbs up” sign.

White House communications director Ben LaBolt took to Twitter to reassure the public that Biden was unharmed, explaining that there was a sandbag on the stage while the president was shaking hands.

The fall occurred after Biden delivered a commencement address to a patriotic crowd, warning the graduates about the challenges they will face in an increasingly unstable world, particularly mentioning Russia and China.

As the oldest individual to hold the presidency, Biden is seeking re-election in 2024. Concerns have been raised by polls indicating that Americans are worried about someone over the age of 75 serving as president. His primary Republican opponent, Donald Trump, will turn 77 this month.

In February, doctors conducted a physical examination and declared Biden to be in good health and capable of fulfilling his duties. They noted that the president abstains from alcohol and tobacco and engages in physical exercise at least five times a week.

Biden experienced a fall last June when dismounting from his bicycle, but fortunately, he did not sustain any injuries.

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