bodaboda riders are businesspeople, not criminals,Gachagua to police.

by Francis Ogoti
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Rigathi Gachagua, the deputy president, has encouraged boda boda riders to protect the subsector from criminal gangs masquerading as businesspeople.

Speaking at the commencement of Nyandarua County’s Boda Yangu Ofisi Yangu training program on Monday in Nairobi, the Deputy President stated that the government is committed to helping the boda boda subsector, which is a significant driver of the country’s economy.

While urging motorcyclists to follow the law, Gachagua stated that the police had been called to assist them in bringing normality to the subsector.

“We told the cops that bodaboda riders are not criminals, but rather businesspeople.” They should be treated with dignity and not be harassed. However, riders must also abide by the law and traffic regulations. Let us not enable criminal groups to penetrate the boda boda business. Do not let criminals into your business. “Be your own cops and be vigilant,” Gachagua remarked at the Kenya Methodist University, Nairobi Campus.

The initiative, funded by Nyandarua County Woman Representative Faith Gitau under the National Government Affirmative Action Fund, will instruct 256 riders on National Health Insurance Fund savings and investment, road safety and etiquette, and other soft skills.

The Deputy President warned against allowing criminal gangs to create havoc during anti-government protests, notably in the Mt Kenya region, where he said attempts were made to resurrect the proscribed Mungiki criminal group.

“Attempts were made to resurrect the outlawed group (Mungiki), and their leader was being used by Azimio to gain support and create chaos.” This government will not allow criminal groups to resurface anywhere in the country, even if they hide in opposition politics. It was a violent group that committed atrocities. “That gang should not be allowed near the bodaboda business,” warned the Deputy President.

He noted that the Ruto Administration is investing in small-scale firms in a variety of ways, including the adoption of electric bikes and the implementation of the Hustler Fund.

“Boda Boda is a critical subsector of the country’s economy.” The over 1.2 million riders, who earn an average of Sh1,000 per day, support up to six million people while pouring around Sh365 billion into our economy each year. The subsector has also created work opportunities, with the youth benefiting the most, accounting for 75% of total riders, according to Gachagua.

He stated that he will soon meet with the national leadership of the Bodaboda operators to discuss the issues that riders have been facing, such as the lack of a database.

In terms of alcoholism, the Deputy President stated that while the government was making headway in removing illegal and illicit brews in the Central Kenya region, some governors had become a stumbling block to the operation.

Despite the hurdles posed by county officials, he stated that the campaign against alcoholism and drug misuse was unstoppable and would not be compromised.

“That fight is unstoppable, and no compromise is possible.” “I’m not ashamed of it,” remarked the Deputy President.

Governors who do not try to remove illicit alcohol and substance misuse will not be supported in the future elections, according to the Deputy President.

“During the Sagana meeting, I told them that if they don’t help us fight alcoholism and drug abuse, which are threatening to wipe out an entire generation, I will call them out at the appropriate time.” “I will not support any governor in the next election cycle who has not worked with us to eradicate alcoholism,” declared the Deputy President.

“I want to challenge the governors in the Mount Kenya region,” he said, “those who are unwilling to help us in this fight against alcoholism and drug abuse should not expect support from some of us.”

He warned that drunkenness was threatening to destroy a generation and families in the region. During the previous regime, rogue makers and distributors poured poisoned booze in the region, he said.

“We are working hard to eliminate the illegal brews that were dumped in the area.” I thank the National Government Administration’s leaders and officers. “We’re 70% successful,” stated the Deputy President.

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