azimio warned against staging the finance bill by kithure.

Interior CS Kindiki warns against destructive protests over Finance Bill 2023

by clinton mokamba
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In response to the opposition’s plans to stage demonstrations against the Finance Bill 2023, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki cautioned against resorting to protests and causing damage to public and private property. He emphasized that such actions are not a constructive way to address grievances on proposed tax measures and urged politicians to handle the contest over the bill within the confines of Parliament.

 While acknowledging the right to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, Kindiki emphasized the importance of exercising these rights responsibly and within the boundaries of the law. He stated that the government will not accept street protests, destruction of property, or disruption of businesses, and encouraged those who disagree with the parliamentary outcome to seek redress in other institutions such as the Judiciary

Kindiki further highlighted that the government will provide necessary security support to individuals who wish to peacefully air their grievances and views. However, he emphasized that any form of lawlessness, including disruption of businesses, destruction of public and private property, and looting, will not be allowed

The Finance Bill 2023 has been a subject of intense debate and disagreement between the opposition and the government, with concerns raised by some Kenyans about its potential repercussions if passed. Opposition Chief Raila Odinga has threatened to organize nationwide mass demonstrations in response to the anticipated passage of the Finance Bill 2023.

 However, Kindiki’s message to the opposition and other politicians is that the proper channels, such as the legislative process and the Judiciary, should be utilized to address grievances and contest decisions rather than resorting to destructive protests.

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