Artificial Intelligence Poses Extinction Risk, Warns Center for AI Safety

by Francis Ogoti
1 minutes read

AI Experts and Tech Industry Leaders Issue Global Warning on AI Risks

Scientists and high-level executives, including representatives from Microsoft and Google, have issued a new warning about the dangers posed by artificial intelligence (AI) to humanity. The statement, posted online by the Center for AI Safety, emphasized the need for global prioritization in mitigating the risks of AI, comparing them to other societal-scale threats such as pandemics and nuclear war. The concise single-sentence warning aimed to unite a diverse coalition of scientists who may hold different perspectives on risks and solutions related to AI. The statement was signed by prominent figures, including Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, and Geoffrey Hinton, a renowned computer scientist in the field of AI. The rise of highly capable AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, has intensified concerns about AI systems surpassing human capabilities and potentially causing harm. The warning aims to bring the issue to the forefront and gather support from researchers across various fields who consider it a global priority. Earlier this year, over 1,000 researchers and technologists, including Elon Musk, signed a letter calling for a six-month pause on AI development due to the profound risks it poses to society and humanity. As countries worldwide work to establish regulations for AI, the European Union is leading the way with its AI Act, which is expected to be approved this year.

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